Chairs: Bertram Bengsch & Henrik Mei

13:20Birgit Sawitzki, Berlin: CyTOF-mediated characterisation of the myeloid cell compartment in severe COVID-19 (15+5)
13:40Henrike Salie, Freiburg: Spatial single-cell mapping reveals an altered local immune response in COVID-19 brains (15+5)
14:00Short talk: Malte Lehmann, Berlin: Human small intestinal infection by SARS-CoV2 is characterized by an activation of CD8+ T cells (12+3)
14:15Short talk: Dena Panovska, Leuven: Mapping the recovery of critically ill COVID19 patients by high-dimensional profiling identifies blood immunotypes following a specific immune trajectory(12+3)
14:30Coffee break (30)

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