Chair: Marie Burns

13:00…DRFZ: Axel Schulz: Severe COVID‐19 is characterized by an increased induction of peripheral plasmablasts with an aberrant CD62L+HLA‐DRlow phenotype (15+5)
13:20 …Munich: Selina Keppler/Marc Rosenbaum: Establishing CyTOF panels for the analysis of murine immune cells (15+5)
13:40…Freiburg: Lena Sophie Mayer: Alterations in tissue-resident memory and exhausted-like CD8+ T cells in active UC. (15+5)
14.00 ….Granada: Paulina Rybakowska: Experimental and data processing workflow for large-scale immune monitoring studies by mass cytometry (15+5)
14:20Coffee break (20)

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