Session 5 Data Analysis

Chairs: Henrik Mei, Axel Schulz 14:40 Lucie Rodriguez, Scilifelab, Stockholm, SE: Multi OMICs data integration (15+5) 15:00 Denis Schapiro, Harvard, USA: „Google Maps” for tissue biology – Mapping the tumor microenvironment with spatial omics technologies (25+5) 15:30 Mark Robinson: Differential discovery for CyTOF experiments, Univ. Zurich, CH: tba (25+5)

Session 4 News from…

Chair: Marie Burns 13:00 …DRFZ: Axel Schulz: Severe COVID‐19 is characterized by an increased induction of peripheral plasmablasts with an aberrant CD62L+HLA‐DRlow phenotype (15+5) 13:20  …Munich: Selina Keppler/Marc Rosenbaum: Establishing CyTOF panels for the analysis of murine immune cells (15+5) 13:40 …Freiburg: Lena Sophie Mayer: Alterations in tissue-resident memory and exhausted-like CD8+ T cells in …

Webinar by Fluidigm

Immune profiling & monitoring are commonly applied in translational and clinical research settings to provide phenotypic understanding of immune states prior to and following treatment (e.g. COVID-19). Mass cytometry, which utilizes CyTOF(r) technology, is a single-cell analysis platform that uses metal-tagged antibodies and can resolve over 50 markers in a single sample tube. We have developed a sample-to-report solution for human immune profiling using mass cytometry, the Maxpar(r) Direct(tm) Immune Profiling System.