Multi OMICs data integration

Lucie Solène Tiaré Rodriguez, Karolinksa Institutet/ SciLifeLab, Dept. of Women’s and Children’s Health, Stockholm, Sweden


Systems immunology is a recent research field nested under the field of systems biology that consists of measuring a variety of immunological functions as a way of discovering previously unknown phenomena as well as relationships. It is also a powerful way to get an understanding of the immune system as a whole. Due to the fact that immune cells and proteins do not function in isolation but rather continuously communicate with each other, using a multi-omics approach is helpful. Here I will present different approaches to integrate CyTOF data for multi-omics data analyses with examples stemming from systems-level immunomonitoring COVID-19 studies as well as Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) in order to better understand immune system regulation and function at the systems level.


Lucie is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Petter Brodin’s lab at Karolinksa Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden. Her research mainly focuses on systems-level analyses as a means to dissect the immune system in patients with poorly-defined inflammatory conditions.


Omics integration, Systems Immunology, Phenotypic characterization


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