Mastering High-Dimensional Analysis with the OMIQ Platform

Chris Ciccolella
Co-Founder & CEO, Omiq, Inc.


Before biology can be controlled, it must be understood. To be understood, it must be measured. Mass Cytometry gives us incredible power to measure biology. The process of understanding, i.e., data analysis, is a rich and evolving field with a considerable amount of detail to learn, and is often a challenging obstacle for researchers. In this talk, the principles of effective Mass Cytometry data analysis will be presented in context of the OMIQ Data Science Platform (, an advanced cloud software for cytometry data analysis


Chris is originally a cell biologist and cytometry expert. In 2013 he moved from the bench to the computer to focus on software engineering and data science. Following a tenure at Cytobank, he co-founded Omiq in 2018 to focus on analytical innovations to accelerate the progress of human health.


High-dimensional analysis, algorithms, discovery